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Do you have a story to tell?

We all have little anecdotes we tell our friends around the water cooler or share with people to kill time. If you enjoy talking with others and expressing your thoughts and opinions? Try Stopping By at KAOS Radio.

Stopping By is an original program brought to you by KAOS, the segments are approx 3-5 minutes long, and will consist of interviews of our students and You, our community. The interviews are purposefully short and free form to compliment our current programming and mirror our free form values as a station. So come on by and tell us!: What is your most prominent or treasured memory? What are your thoughts and feelings on love? life? happiness? Where do you find joy? What will you always remember? And, of course, What’s your story? 

Join us on Stopping By where you can tell your story, and tell the world what’s important to you.
Come on your own or bring a friend!

If this sounds interesting to you stop by at KAOS, 
call us at 360-867-6888, Monday - Thursday from 9am - 5pm,
or sign up below to schedule your interview today!

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Stopping By is the product and property of KAOS Community Radio. Materials are copyright of KAOS Community Radio and we reserve the right to not air materials for any reason.