Johnny H.

Interim General Manager

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Ruth Brownstein

Program Director

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Nick Winter

Senior Engineer

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Kristin Petrosky

Assistant Training and Operations Manger



Nikole Clark

Music Director

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Crystal Leatherman

Production Manager

Crystal Leatherman is our Production Manager and Director, handling syndication's, underwriting and the Community Connections Report.

Attending Evergreen with a focus on Communications and Political Science, when she’s not in the station she’s at home with her kids.

“My favorite thing about working at KAOS is the family oriented environment and having the opportunity to work in media production for a non-profit.”

While leading production is all good and well, Crystal’s dream is to be a media mogul and an acclaimed author, all while adopting all the dogs.

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Maddie M.

Training and Operations Manager


Louis Gasper

Student Interim Manager / Director of Outreach and Promotions