Album Review: Brain Eater by Cryptic Brood


Genre: Death Doom
Band: Cryptic Brood
Album: Brain Eater
Country: Germany
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Label: Xtreem Music


Brain Eater is Cryptic Broods debut full length album and second release on Spanish label Xtreem Music after their 2015 EP, Wormhead. 2017 has seen a good amount of Death/Doom metal with Brain Eater being one of my favorites so far. It has all of the old school Autopsy and Asphyx vibes that we all enjoy along with plenty of weird riffs mixed in to make it their own. The production is on point with that gunky yet grinding tone.

Crank this album and you will be head banging in no time!

Review by DJ FLExIN USA